Review of Bo's latest CD "Try It You'll Like It" Click HERE  (Aug 28, 2013) 
“Bo is possibly the last of the truly talented gentleman Honkytonkers, an authentic breath of fresh air in a scene clogged by bleating wannabes. An all around cowboy as they say back home.” 
January 17, 2008 1st M. Rubin, Bass Player, Various

"it's Bo Porter, the Harley-riding singing songwriter with the hot/cool repertoire that runs from hardcore honky-tonk to roots rock with a little bit of acoustic from the edge " 
- Jim Beal, My San Antonio (Aug 12, 2010) 

“You can't find a better performer than this anywhere. We highly recommend this entertaining and versatile musician for any and all events. You will never sorry!” 
July 12, 2011 1st R. Myers, Sr, Owner, Walleringbear Trading Post / Texas Ranger Badge

“Bo Porter goes beyond being a professional musician, he is a performer. The difference being, a musician sings and plays, a performer puts on a show while singing and playing. His dedication to providing excellence in all that he does makes itself obvious in Bo's ability to provide consistant quality at each show. If you are looking for an entertainer that will follow through with his commitment allowing you to have excellent stress free entertainment, call Bo Porter. Your patrons/audience will thank you.”
 July 12, 2011    1st D. Lundrigan, CEO, Bastrop County Networking

"Bo Porter’s classic country sound will guide you right to the dance floor at Riley’s Tavern tonight. Porter and his band’s music are as smooth as a red satin country-western shirt and twice as pretty. Your toes will be set to tappin’." 
- HAP MANSFIELD, San Marcos Local News (Nov 27, 2010) 

“Working with Bo is a breeze. Not to say his music isn't challenging and you better not be on off your game...It's just some of the best Americana,Roots,Country,Blues,and Rock n' Roll on the scene today.” July 11, 2011  1st R. Power, Drummer, Self Employed
worked directly with Bo at Holy Smokes, Inc.

"His music is basic hard-driving honky-tonk. But on any given night the band may play a Taj Mahal blues song or a Jimmy Reed tune. Maybe some old country by Jimmie Rodgers." 
- Katherine Abbott, Anchorage Daily News (Feb 15, 0009) 

“Bo is a straight-ahead, professional musician and entertainer, who delivers what he says he's going to do. Hard working and talented, he's definitely "A-Team".” July 11, 2011
1st C. Mims Pinkerton, Performing Songwriter, Music Industry
"Bo Porter(Austin, TX)recently dumped his Harley on the way to a gig in Fredericksburg ... broken ribs and bruises from head to toe. ...don’t call him No Show Bo. Hurting ...he dusted himself off and made the gig that night and the next three nights afterwards. Good on you, Bo. We’re glad you’re still sucking air and playing that guitar." 
- Ronnie Narmour, The Island Moon (May 06, 2011) 

"A southern fried rockit fueled frenzy, Guaranteed to send you into orbit" 
- The HepKat, Rockabilly Mood Swing KKFI, Kansas City USA (Dec 01, 2005)

"the sounds of "Bo Porters band fill the air ...rhythms often prove infectious"" 
- Eat & Drink Austin (Oct 01, 2007) 

"Yep, I tested it. It's dance music!" 
- Virgil, Luckenbach Texas (Jul 01, 0008) 

Texas BluesSwingCountryHonkyTonkAmericanaRockabilly ORIGINAL Music

 Nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year & Song of the Year   in the Texas Music Awards.  APRN Song of the year winner.

 When your friends tell you it was the best Roots Music, Americana, Original, Texas Music, Real Deal, they've heard in years. Its this guy.

 A real life done everything Man, Country Music Encyclopedia, Award winning Song-writer, Globe trotting biker, and first class performer. Might be the only guy you ever meet who's seen a polar bears up close and used to catch rattle snakes for spending money as a kid. All true stories.

 Florida, Alaska, California, Europe and everywhere in-between; the internet has been instrumental in connecting Bo Porter fans across the globe. John Wayne ain't his real daddy, but he sure woulda been proud to be. With a music career already spanning decades Bo has made a lot of fans along the way.

 With genuine musical heritage and steeped in classic country traditions sets a vocal standard you haven't seen in years. His strong baritone voice has compared with Marty Robbins, Faron Young, Merle Haggard, & even Johnny Cash. Bo's unique style makes traditional hits all his own. Classic Country, bits of Blues, Rock n’ Roll, and a lot of heart and soul is what Bo Porter delivers. Including the audience in all his performances, keeps them coming back. The Bo Porter is a must see.

 His latest album "Try It You'll Like It" is all Bo. A performer to big to be stuck in one genere, No two songs are alike, the only common thread is Bo wrote them all. Guaranteed to make you have a better day and probably make you shake your tail feather too. You can download your favorite song or the whole album.

 Specialties: Vocalist, not just a singer. Entertainer, not just a front man. and WHAT A BAND These Guys are PROFESSIONALS, did you get that. Awesome !!!